Use Your Rewards Points Instantly

Redeeming your Rewards Points is a fast and convenient way to use for your vehicle travel. If you already have points, you can start using your points today.

Have a Dispute or an Inquiry?
Click here should you have a dispute or have an inquiry about your points.

How to use your vehicle travel with Points
• See your points automatically
• Pay for all or part of your vehicle travel purchase - there's no minimum
• Every 100 points redeemed = $1 towards your vehicle travel purchase

How do I use Points to pay for vehicle travel?
If you want to use your rewards points to pay for vehicle travel or all of your purchase, choose which Rewards method to use. You can choose the amount of available points you wish to redeem. Once you've selected your the method and applied points towards your vehicle travel purchase, select Continue.

The points that are applied to your order will be deducted from your vehicle travel total and displayed as rewards points in the Rewards Points Summary.

Can I still redeem points for cash back, gift cards and travel?
Yes, you can also redeem points for cash back, gift cards, and travel.