Competitive Rideshare Rates Accepted (Price Matching)

As an estimate, you are able to determine travel mileage, ride duration, and rates (or fares) for rides.

Please make sure you select the correct address shown in the drop-down as you type your locations.

Frequent Asked Questions

The Trip Estimator will help you best determine the cost of your trip, how many miles of travel and what is the trip duration. The Estimator only provide estimates not actuals due to traffic and other conditions, such as weather beyond our control.
The Trip Estimator initial results do not reflect cancellation, onboarding bonus, tolls, taxes, tipping, and Driver's idling fee (Driver waiting on Passenger). Also, your trip include other incentives not shared or unveil until end of trip.
Initial Starting Rate or Base Rate + ((A Per Minute Cost x Time Spent In Vehicle or Ride) + (A Per Mile Cost x Travel Miles or Distance) x Supply & Demand Fee) + Safe Passage Fee = Passengers Fare, Rate or Price + Incentives
When your friend trip destination ends, the referral system will start the verification process. You will receive an e-mail with more information about the next steps. It takes between 3 and 5 business days for you to receive your reward payment. You can always sign in to your account and go to My Rewards" page to check the latest status."
Your friend need an account. The e-mail address in their account should match the one they used to book a trip. After the trip has ended, we will add the reward amount to their account.
Click here to check the status of your rewards.
If your friend cancel a trip booking, neither you or your friend will receive the reward. However, if your friend makes a new trip booking with your link, both of you will be again eligible for the reward. The trip must be completed by your friend.
The link doesn't expire and it can be used anytime. However, we have the right to cancel the program at anytime.
No problem - you can use a Visa or MasterCard debit card instead and claim it the same way as a credit card.
Yes. Just send the referral link to your friends so they can book their trip with us. You can refer a maximum of 10 friends and earn cash rewards.
Yes, you can refer anyone - even if they have booked a trip with us before! For your referred friend's trip booking to be eligible for the reward, they have to use the referral link to book their trip accommodations. If a friend makes more than one trip booking using a referral link (with yours or anyone else's), they will only be rewarded once. No rewards will be issued for other travel/trip bookings.
You will receive an e-mail with a link to redeem your referral reward.
Additional Frequent Asked Questions
How Are Fares, Prices or Fees Calculated?

Your incurred cost for travel is usually calculated up front within most cities to which you may reside. Trip calculation must be completed before you confirm your ride. Your trip rate is determined by some of the following fees shown below.

An Initial Starting Rate

The initial starting rate (or base rate) is actually determined by your trip distance and time.

A Booking Fee

In most cities like yours, a flat fee is usually added to each of your trips. The flat fee help support operational, regulatory, and incurred safety costs.

Busy High Trip Demands

During certain days and times including special events when there are more riders than available drivers, you may experience temporarily fee increase(s).